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Pengaruh Konsentrasi Enzim Dan Lama Sakarifikasi Pada Hidrolisis Enzimatis Terhadap Produksi Sirup Glukosa Dari Pati Ubi Kayu (Manihot Esculenta)
Penulis : Naily Rochmawatin
Tahun : 2010
Fakultas : Sains Dan Teknologi
Jurusan : Kimia
Pembimbing : 1) A. Barizi.  2) Akyunul Jannah.  
Kata Kunci : Ubi kayu, Konsentrasi Enzim, lama sakarifikasi, Sirup glukosa
Activated carbon demand in the world each year increased by
approximately 5% per year, estimated that the demand of activated carbon of
about 1.2 million tons in 2010. Therefore many efforts carried out research into
alternative materials that could be used as raw material for making activated
carbon. Muallifah research shows that activated carbon from Moringa seeds can
be used to purify used frying oil, but the activated carbon used Moringa seeds
have not completed the characterization of activated carbon according to data
Indonesian Industrial Standard (SII), the research on the characterization of
activated carbon from Moringa oleifera seed needs to be done. In this research
study will be conducted on the effect of NaCl concentration on the process of
carbonization of the characterization of activated carbon and the influence of
physical activation of the characterization of activated carbon.
 The process of making activated carbon through the three stages of
Moringa oleifera seed dehydration at 105 ° C for 24 hours, then oleifera seed
soaking in a solution of NaCl 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, and 40% for five
hours, the process karboniasi at 500 º C for 120 minutes and the activated carbon
in the sifter M. oleifera 120-250 mesh and then activated with physics at a
temperature 650 º C in the medium of nitrogen for 120 minutes. The
characterization was conducted on the specific gravity, iodine number, water
content and ash content of activated carbon.
 The results showed variation of NaCl concentration and activation of
physics affect the results of characterization of activated carbon based on the
results of statistical analysis, F test and LSD 1% continued using the program
Minitab 14 known different (significance <0.01). Activated carbon is through
immersion NaCl 30% with activation of physics have the best characteristics of
the iodine number 646 mg / g, density of 0.8917 g of activated carbon / mL, the
water content of 1% and 5.8% ash content.

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