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Apology Strategies Used by the Characters of Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice Movie
Penulis : Ika Dewi Riyani
Tahun : 2010
Fakultas : Humaniora Dan Budaya
Jurusan : Bahasa & Sastra Inggris
Pembimbing : 1) Drs. H. Basri Zain, MA., Ph.D.  
Kata Kunci : Apology Strategies,

This thesis examines the use of apology strategies applied by the characters in movie of Pride and Prejudice.

This study applies descriptive qualitative method in finding apology strategies used. In analyzing the data, this study follows four steps: (1) finding and explaining the context of the utterances of the apology expression in order to understand what the speaker's utterances; (2) identifying and describing the utterance based on the category of apology strategy; (3) discussing and analyzing the data using the theory of apology strategy proposed by Cohen & Olshtain; (4) and making conclusion based on the results of the data analysis to answer research problem.

The results of this study show the types of apology strategies used by the characters of Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice movie, which include expression of apology (an expression of regret,gives an offer of apology and a request for forgiveness) and an acknowledgement of resposibility (expressing lack of intent).

From the data, the researcher also found that the upper and middle class uses internal intensification in apologizing such as so, very, do, awfully and multiple apology by using three kinds of apology expressions directly they are apologize, sorry and forgive.

In apologizing, there are some types of politeness strategy used by both upper and middle class: exaggerate, be voluble (speak a lot) [involvement strategy], and minimize threat, apologize, use family names and titles, be taciturn (speak little), use own language or dialect [independence strategy]. But the most strategy used by them is speak a lot (be voluble).

Finally, the researcher suggests to the next researcher to examine apology strategy by using other theories for example, the theory proposed by Trosborg and those proposed by Daniela Kramer-Moore and Michael Moore. In addition, the future researcher can conduct a research on other language from different

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