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The influence of Teacherís Pedagogical Skill of Al Qurían and Hadith toward studentsí achievement of class XI in MAN Kediri.
Penulis : M Ainun N
Tahun : 2012
Fakultas : Tarbiyah
Jurusan : Pendidikan Agama Islam
Pembimbing : 1) Dr. H. Sugeng Listyo Prabowo M. Pd.  
Kata Kunci : Pedagogical Competence, Studentís achievement
Student’s achievement is the result that has been obtained after doing
several treatments in the form of cognitive, psycho-motoric, and affective that
could be seen in from students’ score in school. Score is the prerequisite to the
next level, for that student should try to achieve as high as possible. There are
many factors involved in education success. Some of them are the available
facilities, good- environments, students’ capability, and a professional teacher.
One of the main factors between those is the professional teacher that understands
well students’ variation of capability. Knowing the different capability of
students, a professional teacher could make all of them to get a best achievement.
In short, the goal of the education is well reached.
One of the main factor, as mention earlier, is the teacher, so that there are
many ways that could be done to get the best education. Some of them are the
pedagogical competence should be handled by the teacher. Hopefully, with this
competence, a teacher could lead the class and enforce student to get their best
In the present research, the writer focus and limit to the pedagogical
competence of Al qur’an and hadith and its influence to the students achievements
in the State Islamic Senior High School in Kediri. The problem is, the influence of
this pedadogical competence toward the student’s achievement.
The present research use Quantitative co relational approach. This
approach changes the data into numbers and processed by statistical system. From
the statistical process, the data would result in number and could be known if
there is an influence between independent and dependent variable. To get the data,
the researcher use cuosioner form to get the variability of pedagogical
competence, as to compared with the students’s achievement obtained from
students’ document of score. These data then be analyzed using Doubleregression
The result of this research is; first, there is no significant influence
between pedagogical competence and student’s achievement. However, there is
sub-part of this competence did. Second, there is a four sub-part pedagogical
competence. The first sub-part, (X1) mastering the characteristic of students
influence to the student’s achievement. Second sub-part, (X2) doing an education
lesson did not give influence towards student’s achievement. Third, (X3)
organizing evaluation and marking did not influence to student’s achievement.
Fourth, (X4) giving facility to develop student’s potential ability has influence to
their achievements.
In pedagogical competence, the teacher expected to able to be in touch to
globalization so that students could become critical, creative, productive,
responsible, and finally could compete to this globalization era. The last, the
evaluation system should not only focused on the competence or the goal but the
way this competence and the goal could be obtained.

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